Ms. Montoya’s 2nd graders and the SWC Photo Club.

We have had an ongoing event going with Ms. Montoya’s 2nd graders at Central Elementary in Imperial Beach. We have visited the Tijuana Estuary and the San Diego Zoo with the class. In both instances we provided disposable cameras and processed the film for the class. We then came back and the kids made collages from the photographs! It gave the kids exposure to photography, and we helped them learn to frame and compose pictures. It was also very interesting to see the development of an “eye” for photography develop between the two events for some of the kids! It was also fascinating to watch how each kid approached making each of their collages. Some liked lots of photographs, others applied more art and some got into elaborate little cut outs. Art is very much a function of personality and even at this early age their artwork is very distinctly different from each other.

Upcoming is another trip with the class to the Tijuana Estuary, the last one occured at probably the highest tide that had been seen at the Estuary in a long time. This resulted in it being quite flooded and forced a lot of the wildlife away. We’re planning to return when there is more wildlife around to view. Again the Photo Club will provide disposable cameras for the kids to use, and the talented ones might even get to take a few pictures with mine! Nothing like a long lense to capture wildlife in its native habitat!

Our relationship with Ms. Montoya and Central Elementary promises to be an enduring one! This is just one of the many community events that the Southwestern College Photo Club participates in. There are many more upcoming in the months and years to come!

Allen C. Morse III
SWC Photo Club President

Ms. Montoya's class and us.

Ms. Montoya's class and us.

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