“Find the Photo” Camping trip a success!

On April 17th-19th the SWC Photo Club went camping! A good time was had by all who attended the event.

We started off on Friday moning and arrived about noon and set up camp.That afternoon I struck off on a nature trail hike through the countryside and was surprised at what I saw.

The Cedar fire had raged through that area about 6-years ago now and the terrain is slowly recovering. Some of the Live Oak trees survived and are starting to return but the tall pines are completely dead! It seems they burned from the top down. This is called a “Crown Fire” and it is by far the worst kind! Much of the Manazanita was pretty much burned up too, and none had regained the familiar red bark on the outside that characterizes that kind of tree. That wood is real hard too, so you can imagine how hot that fire was! I climbed up the side of a mountain up to the top with Marlen and we felt victorious after reaching the top!

That night we had a big pot of Spaghetti and built a big fire because it definitely was getting cold! I decided to stay in my car and that was a mistake because not only was it cramped but freezing! The next morning we set up a tent so I would not have to go through that again.

Saturday saw a side trip to Lake Cuyamaca and Julian and we arrived in Julian with a whole bunch of bikers in town! Still we had a great meal and and the biggest Chocolate Sunday I’ve ever had!

During that morning, some of the people worked clay and made some ceramics to fire in the fire that evening. We did that and heard many explosions during the process but a lot of the ceramics actually came out! During the evening we also toasted marshmallows and hot dogs.

Sunday we weren’t in a hurry to take off and hung out ate food and relaxed before tearing down camp. We made our way back to San Diego, sorry to see the weekend over. I’ve included some photos of the event so check them out for yourself!

Allen C. Morse III
SWC Photo Club President


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