The Photo Club is back up for the fall semester! We’re still deciding what to do but have an upcoming fundraiser where we will be selling Carne Asada cooked fresh on the barbie on campus. We did a Halloween themed photo club promotion at the club fair, but the pictures are turning out to be quite the project. We got lots of new sign ups! Our club is in transition this semester and has new members and a fine set of officers to forge our new direction.

The arts may be come a threatened major at our campus and the SWC Photoclub is transitioning to the Photo & Arts Club. We inviting all artists into our experience and embracing more than just the photographic arts. This will put us in the position to be a voice for saving the arts and the fine staff who teach it at Southwestern College. Please enjoy the attached photos of our first event.

Allen C. Morse III
President, SWC Photo & Arts ClubStep 1 in making the background to be used.

More creating of our background.

That's Todd, our fearless leader, (club advisor).

Backdrop creation.Our Secretary painting away.Todd busy painting too!Our backdrops are almost done!Our Treasurer gives our set up a try!

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