SWC Photoclub is up and running for the Spring Semester!

Hanging out at our Friday meeting.Chartered at the ICC Meeting 2.Chartered at the ICC meeting.Our club was rechartered for the Spring Semester on the 1st of February. The officers for the club are Valeria Sanchez, President, Laura Palomino, Vice President, Pablo, our Secretary and Susan Sanchez our Treasurer. I will be taking the ICC representative this semester plus I will be setting up and maintaining our Internet presence and this website as well. We have some interesting events planned including a trip to the Zoo with the 2nd graders of Ms. Montoya’s 2nd grade class at Central Elementary in Imperial Beach. You will have the chance to see some of the things we’ve done as I always include photos of each event. What would be better is for you to come to some of our events and experience what it is to be a member of our Photo club!

We are graciously accepting all people interested in the arts to our club. We are increasing our horizons to now include the fine arts in our club. We are transitioning to the SWC Photo & Arts Club slowly and surely. Planned events include a field trip with Ms. Montoya and the 2nd graders of Central Elementary, a camping trip and a fundraiser somewhere in there. We would like to do another riverbed clean up event and bring other clubs in the ASO into this event. Keep an eye on this page for news about our events and when they will occur and then a blurb about everything and how it went afterwards. Welcome to the SWC Photoclub for Spring 2010!

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