The little guy is resting!

The lion!

Ms. Montoya's class.

The Hyeena comes out of it's lair.Some Ocapi grazing.A Giraffe on the bus tour.Ms. Montoya, her teacher's aide and me!Club member Chantay enjoying lunch with the kids.

A lesson on animal life cycles

The Southwestern College Photoclub had it’s first event! In an attempt to promote photography in young people, we attended a field trip with Ms. Montoya and the 2nd graders of Central Elementary in Imperial Beach. Two club members attended the event and many pictures were taken by both of us who attended and the kids who were provided with disposable cameras that we must now develop. We will return with the finished pictures and help the kids make collages of the photographs that they took. This time, we took a bus tour, wandered around a little checking some of the animals out and the kids attended a little assembly to learn more about the life cycles of animals. This has become one of our regular events that we perform each semester and it is always a lot of fun! I have included some pictures taken during our event. This is the kind of things we’re involved with this semester. Please come join us! Our meetings occur Wednesday between 11-12 in Rm. 518 and we also hang out on Friday’s between 12 and 3:30PM in Rm. 518 during our advisor Todd’s lab. If you can’t make the meetings, this is like a second meeting and we encourage you to come hang out with us! We have lots more interesting events upcoming. Keep an eye here for reviews of our events and to keep posted on what is coming up.

Allen C. Morse III
ICC Representative

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