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Club Fair + we open our Gallery!

March 23, 2010

The line for the Cotton Candy! It was pretty popular!

All of us behind the cotton candy machine!

The members who participated in the event except me!

The Aerialists room prepared by Valeria Sanchez.

Susan Sanchez's piece being mounted up.

The Mystique room created by Gabby Perez.

Gabby prepares the ice cream cone hangings.

Andy ties one of the tent supports into place.

The college campus had Club Fair Day and the Photo Club did it up in style, opening our latest gallery for the Spring 2010 semester at the same time. The gallery is a circus theme and features a goulish ringmaster, aerialists, a mystique, and a variety of other goodies all done up in a big tent like the real circus does! We whipped up some cotton candy for the event and this brought many students and faculty to the exhibit and found they not only saw an excellent gallery but learned all about our club as well! We even had a man on stilts passing out fliers! He appears in a couple of the photos. As always, I’ve included some photos of the setting up and some of the opening day of our gallery. We’ll probably get a few new members out of this one and the event was in our eyes extremely successful! Hope to see you soon at one of our meetings!